Fee Payment Terms & Conditions

1. IITians Curious Minds may cancel / terminate the admission / registration for the reason and / or the ground here given under:
a. Indiscipline / immoral or disrespectful behavior
b. Noncompliance of works instructions and direction given by the teachers
c. Irregularity in payment of fees
d. Noncompliance of student or parent in conducting lectures or our support system.

2. IITians Curious Minds Reserves all rights for using above information for internal purposes and for marketing purpose

3. Refunds Policy: Fee split
– Admission fees – 1Lac for IIT batch and 75K for other college section courses, and 50k for school section and for school integrated courses including palava.
– Tuition fees – Remaining amount of the fees.
– Scholarship is applicable only for Tuition fees.
a. 1 month completion – Admission fees deduction rest refunded
b. 2 month completion – Admission fees + 25% of tuition fee deduction and rest 75% of tuition fees will be refunded
c. 3 month completion – Admission fees + 50% fee will deducted and rest 50% of tuition fees will be refund
d. Post 3 months – Admission fees and 90% tuition fees will be deducted and only 10% of tuition fee will be refunded.
e. After 6 month , no refund
– All Fees Quoted is for Coaching only and does not include any school or college fees.
– Any delay in fees submission shall attract additional cost of interest 2% (per month)

5. In case of any disputes in respect of the institute jurisdiction shall be Mumbai High Court.

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